One’s eyeballs do not operate in seclusion. They are an exceedingly vital feature of your full person impacting on and being impacted by the intellect, character and soul.

All portions of the visual system the muscles that control the eyes and the eyes themselves, the optic nerve that sends impulses to the brain and the visual cortex; need to function as part of a whole rather than one piece at a time, and so need a lot of complete focus to supply the best performance. Being such a fine and streamlined system it is quite easily thrown out of equilibrium and its functioning stricken by outwardly unimportant factors such as fatigue and emotional tension, regardless of whether it is psychological, physical or emotional. Nutrition also plays an important role, since your visual system depends on it for sustenance.

For the above reasons, improving your eyesight by learning how to improve eyesight naturally involves more than just addressing your physical eyes as you do with glasses/contacts/surgery. It involves the following.

1. Physical seeing
2. Inner vision
3. Emotional seeing

1. Physical eyesight goes beyond 20/20. For you to be able to interpret an image, 3 different skills are involved:

Initially, it is your mind that chooses what it actually wishes to see from its entire visual field. This is skill 1 – central and peripheral balance

Next, is the act of focusing itself, which is carried out in result of a signal from your brain. This is the next step – Convergence or Binocularity

The third skill involves the action of the ciliary muscle in the eye itself to bring something into focus. Skill trois – accommodation

For the above steps to work correctly, all the eye muscles have to be flexible and relaxed.

Imperfect vision arises from an inability to focus. Not merely because your eyes’ lenses are not working from overusage, but rather from stress, tension and fatigue, which affect the musculature in and around your eyes and the signaling from your brain. It can also lead to other difficulties.. This can be: inability to quickly change focus form distance to near vision, nausea and headaches.

2. Your mind’s eye and inner vision. This involves: creativity, visualization, visual memory and dreams. When you improve your inner vision, you will find yourself having a much more live and vivid imagination, with an improved ability to visualize things. In general, you will be able to see and intepret things more clearly, so your ability to see things in a positive light will improve. You will have the power to destroy all those negative images in your mind and replace them with powerful images that can change your perspective of who you are.

3. Another way to look at the functioning of your eyes is in their role in communication with others. This is called emotional seeing. By repairing your eyes, you will truly open those windows to the soul, truly giving you the chance to communicate and relate to others in a special way.

You often get problems with your eyesight when you are stressed out, and also – in the long term – when you develop poor visual habits. As a result of eye strain and poor eye habits, you can develop different eye conditions, a few of which include eye twitching, eye strain, ocular migraine, nearsightedness and more.

Corrective lenses may seem like a Godsend at times, since I admit that they can in fact allow you to see perfectly clearly. Saying that, spectacles play no role whatsoever in improving your ability to see with your bare eyes – naturally. Instead, you find yourself wearing thicker and thicker lenses over time as your vision deteriorates further and further.

The only way to truly improve your vision so you no longer have to see using glasses, contacts or surgery, is to take the holistic approach and address your physical eyesight, inner vision and emotional seeing. To uncover these secrets and gems on natural eyesight improvement, feel free to click the following link –> Eye Exercises to Improve Vision.